Quick Incites

I trust my instincts, so I forge ahead confidently, even on risky paths. Because of my certainty, persuasiveness and ability to make decisions easily, I will lead the way for others.

I tend to look for startup opportunities. I am comfortable working without a rulebook, and can be at my best when I have to make many decisions.

Metaphor / Image:  An internal compass

Role I Play:  Have the internal confidence to try even when there is external uncertainty

I am (Being):  Confident on the inside when there is doubt all around me

I will (Doing):  Will Seek to exert influence rather than be influenced

The Value I bring:  Bring a willingness to take necessary risks

The needs I have (Gives me):  Need freedom to act uni-latterally and independent

My Motivators (My Loves):  Love being in control of my own destiny

My Demotivators (My Dislikes):  Hate others telling me what to do



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