Quick Incites

I naturally form genuine and mutually rewarding one-on-one relationships. My authenticity allows me to build close, long-lasting connections that foster trust and confidence. 

Normally I want to know a lot about the hopes and objectives of each group member. The more I understand someone, the easier it is for me to establish and sustain a personal partnership with that individual.

Metaphor / Image:  An inner circle of trusted friends

Role I Play:  Inner circle, socially transparent provide social depth, love close caring, mutual relationships

I am (Being):  Genuine and Authentic

I will (Doing):  Will get to know more about the people closest to me

The Value I bring:  Bring social depth and transparency

The needs I have (Gives me):  Inner circle of close relationships

My Motivators (My Loves):  love close, caring, mutual relationships

My Demotivators (My Dislikes):  hate the initial social discomfort of meeting someone new



Personal Connections