Quick Incites

I have a natural ability to coordinate people and resources for maximum effectiveness. My creative flexibility in complex situations leads to greater efficiency.

Because of my strengths, I enjoy working and studying with people whose backgrounds, cultures, talents, or experiences are quite different from one another. I find that I can usually determine how each individual can contribute to the group.

Metaphor / Image:  A Teacher, A Maestro, A Conductor, Collaborator

Role I Play:  Flexible coordinator of multiple people and/or process

I am (Being):  Comfortable with lots of moving parts

I will (Doing):  Will work effectively and efficiently through others

The Value I bring:  Bring flexibility and interactivity

The needs I have (Gives me):  Need a dynamic Environment

My Motivators (My Loves):  Iniating and managing change

My Demotivators (My Dislikes):  Resistance to necessary change



Personal Connections