Quick Incites

I am flexible and can quickly adjust to changing or unexpected circumstances that upset or intimidate others. My calm response to chaos reassures others and helps me respond to what people need.

Because of my strengths, I make plans as I move into and through my day. Not being bound to a strict timeline or action plan frees me to deal with problems or take advantage of opportunities at the moment they arise.

Metaphor / Image:  Like a river I go with the flow

Role I Play:  Comfortable in and responsive to changing situations

I am (Being):  A Here and now Person

I will (Doing):  React with immediacy to the immediate

The Value I bring:  Willingness to follow or lead the charge

The needs I have (Gives me):  Present pressures that demand and imediate response

My Motivators (My Loves):  Spontaneity

My Demotivators (My Dislikes):  Predictability



Personal Connections