Personality Test Results

Meyers Briggs Type Indicator
I have repeated tested as an ENFP described as "The Champion" or "The Diplomat." For more information in the individual type just Google it.
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Riso-Hudson Enneagram
Type 7 Score 23 Basic with Type 9 and 3 Wings.
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Clifton Strengths Finder
My Top five strengths 1.) Relator 2.) Individualization 3.) Self-Assurance 4.) Adaptability 5.) Arranger
Clifton Strength Finder
Big Five
Openness to Experience - 75% Conscientiousness - 66% Extraversion - 75% Agreeableness - 71% Neuroticism - 10%
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Kolbe A Index
Fact Finder - 6, Follow Thru - 3, Quick Start - 7, Implementor -3
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Ways to Use the Information

Once I had used conducted the Strength finder test and received the results I came across the book, “StrengthsFinder 2.0 Expanding your Strengths Theme Dynamics:  A Deeper dive into your talents and how they influence each other.” The book is only available of Kindle, but each strength had hyperlinks and you would jump around the book. The spread sheet below is the result of trying to get all the useful information on to one or two pages. I took the individual trait information and included that for the top five of my traits. I then would follow the links that described how two strengths worked together and made those notes at the intersection of the top five across the top and the top ten down the side. I tend made another one to include 6-10 on the second set of pages (not included here.) 

Personality Test

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